1 slice of cheddar cheese calories

Cheddar cheese, an ever-popular staple in sandwiches and recipes worldwide, is beloved for both its rich flavor and nutritional profile.

No matter your cheese preference or health goal, understanding what goes into 1 slice of cheddar cheese calories is crucial in making smart nutritional decisions.

So, let’s uncover its nutritional information together.

Caloric Information

cheddar cheese calories

Cheddar cheese stands out in terms of both its distinct sharpness and taste; but what about its energy content? A 1-oz slice (1 slice = 110 Calories).

Although cheddar can add an exciting burst of flavor to meals, keeping tabs on this information is important if you are monitoring your energy intake.

Fat Information

cheddar cheese fat

Cheese can be quite high in saturated fats, with an estimated 9g total fat content (of which 6g are saturated fats which nutritionists advise against eating too much of).

Though fats contribute to its smooth texture and delicious taste, being aware of its fat content helps ensure a healthier diet.

Protein Information

cheddar cheese protein

Proteins are essential building blocks of our bodies, and cheddar cheese offers 7 grams per serving for added protein in meals or post-workout recovery sustenance.

A delicious way to increase protein consumption!

Sodium Information

cheddar cheese sodium

Cheese Can Contain Sodium Cheddar cheese offers delicious flavor while providing a substantial source of sodium: 174mg per ounce! For those watching their sodium consumption, understanding such figures could be essential to meeting daily recommendations and maintaining a heart-healthy diet.

Calcium Information

cheddar cheese calcium

Cheese can be an invaluable source of calcium, providing an impressive 204mg per slice.

Recognized for helping maintain strong bones and teeth, adding cheddar to your diet can help meet daily calcium requirements.


Packed with flavor and packed with nutritional benefits, cheddar cheese offers more than just an enjoyable taste experience. Each bite provides calories, fats, protein, sodium and calcium – essential components to a healthy diet plan.

So when enjoying it on sandwiches, veggies or on its own it’s essential that each bite contributes positively towards meeting these nutritional requirements.

Cheese enthusiasts and health enthusiasts can both benefit from understanding the calories in cheddar, its fat content and health advantages to help guide healthier eating habits.

After all, enjoying its delectable tastes requires nourishment in a responsible and mindful manner!

Cheese lovers looking to expand their options with health in mind can discover more about healthy cheese options – this way every slice counts!

For the cheese lovers and health enthusiasts alike, an understanding of the calorie in cheddar, cheddar fat content, and its health benefits can inform healthier eating habits.

After all, it’s about enjoying the rich, hearty flavors of cheese while nourishing your body in responsible and mindful ways.

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